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One of Best boomerang makers in the country

boomerangs made to order each boomerang is custom made unique for it's new owner no two rangs are ever identical

Great British long distance record holder

Boomerangs made by the current British record holder Of long distance throw 150m so ensuring perfect return rangs in short best returns for your money


24/7 availability


Darren Macphee reviewed Boomerangs UK - by James Hoy 5 stars
Darren Macphee

Price for carbon dragonfly1 £55



High impact resistant multi layers of carbon fiber 3mm thickness 


18 Reviews

Nils van Veen

26 September 2020

26 September


Great seller! James is a great guy with an incredible amount of passion for boomerangs. His work is also top notch, without thinking one of the best makers in t...
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Pat Steigman

27 June 2020

27 June


James is one of the premier boomerang makers in the world. Each is a work of art and a treasure to behold. Craftsmanship like this is hard to find these days.

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